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5 Pendapat dan Fatwa Ulama: Pakai Tudung ialah Pilihan Bukan Wajib -

5 Pendapat dan Fatwa Ulama: Pakai Tudung ialah Pilihan Bukan Wajib -

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    BIBLICAL SUNNISM ~A Study Of Biblical Influences On Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jamaah
    menunjukkan perkara berikut” Many things have been added to ISLAM and what
    is considered as part of ISLAM is actually not found in the Muslim Holy Book .

    Taken from the BIBLE and JEWISH SCRIPTURES----
    Exact details#.Another hot topic ,a favorite of ASWJ Ulama about women covering the heads can be found
    in the
    Bible,1st Corinthians, chapter 11 Revised Standard Version[1Cor11:5][1Cor11:6][1Cor11:10] for example[1Cor 11:13]~
    [Judge for yourselves;is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head uncovered].
    So the commandment for a woman to cover her head is in the Bible.The Christians themselves today are not following
    the Bible-their women do not cover the head.But it is the mazhab followers who are very good Christians because they
    make sure that their women cover their heads.
    The DRESS CODE FOR WOMEN in the QURAN 33:59~[O prophet,tell your wives,your daughters,and the wives of the believers
    that they shall lengthen their garments.
    Thus,they will be RECOGNIZED(as righteous women) and avoid being insulted.
    GOD is Forgiver,Most Merciful.].
    Revised Standard Version.
    [1 Cor 11:6]For if a woman will not veil herself,then she should cut off her hair;
    but if it is disgraceful for a woman to be shorn or shaven,let her wear a veil.
    [Cor 11:10]That's why a woman ought to have a veil on her Head,because of the Angels.
    [Cor 11:13].
    Judge for yourself;is it proper for a woman to COVER her HEAD.SO THE COMMANDMENTS FOE A WOMAN TO COVER HER HEAD IS IN THE BIBLE*.
    This belief has seeped into the MUSLIM BELIEVE AND NOW THEY THINK it is PART OF ISLAM.####

    According to Dr Rashad Khalifa "Dressing modestly,therefore ,is a trait of the believing men and women
    .The minimum requirements for a woman's dress is TO LENGTHEN her garment(Q33:59)
    AND TO cover her chest.Tyrannical ARAB traditions have given a false impression
    that a woman must be covered from head to toe;SUCH IS NOT A QURANIC OR ISLAMIC DRESS."

    The word "KHuMuR" IN Q24:31 is a plural noun that comes from the root word of "KHaMaRa"
    .which means,"to cover"* It is used for Any Cover, Not exclusively for HEADSCARVES*.An extensive Arabic dictionary,.LISAN-UL-ARAB,informs usthat the word was used for rugs and carpets,since they cover the floor*.
    The singular form of the same word"KHaMr" has been used for intoxicants which "cover" the mind(q5:90)*

    In VERSE 24:31 GOD ADVISES Muslim women to Maintain Chastity and put their COVERS ON THEIR CHESTS,NOT THEIR HEADS!.Additionally the word"felyedribne=they shall put,they shall cover".
    is significant in that VERSE *.If "KHuMuR" meant HEAD COVER,the verb,"felturbine=they shall lengthen,"
    (like in Q33:59)WOULD BE MORE APPROPRIATE.#Question! Since the Quran Superceeds other Scriptures why are Muftis , Islamic Scholars
    and Taliban Leaders insist in following the Bible???